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Delicious healthy meals prepared, cooked & delivered fresh to you

What is Scoff Meals?

Scoff meals are delicious healthy balanced meals, cooked and delivered fresh to your door. We believe that meal preparation is the key to staying on track with your nutritional goals.

Our meals are boxed freshly on the day, contained in cooling packs & delivered ready to heat up and enjoy.

The philosophy behind our logo - the lemon, this is to emphasise freshness, quality & tasty meals.

The Scoff Meal Team

What do I get in my meal box?

Our meal boxes are portion controlled with measured amounts of seasoning


We offer a range of lean proteins such as poultry, meat, fish & vegetarian options.


You will also find a serving of the freshest vegetables in season. Why not go for the  double veg & less carbs option.



A selection of carbs that accompany your meal include potates, rice or couscous.

Seasoning & Sauce

We season our meals optimially using low calorie sauces & seasoning to add taste & make healthy eating enjoyable.

How it works?

1. Choose a meal subscription

Select how many meals you wish to order per day and for the length of time you would like them delivered .

2. Pick your favourite healthy meals

We are constantly coming up with delicious recipies for our meals. Pick your favourites from our list of healthy nutritional meals.

3. Heat up & Enjoy

We'll deliver your meals ready for the start of the week so that you can easily heat them up in the microwave and enjoy.

How much does it cost?

*based on a Monday to Friday week & 2 meals per day.
*prices are subject to change.

Price per box

£ 7.50 per meal
  • Delivered in temperature controlled packaging
  • 1 x Protein, 1 x Veg & 1 x Carb
  • 1 week minimum order

1 Week

£ 75 per week
  • Delivered in temperature controlled packaging
  • Ideal for trying our service
  • 1 x Protein, 1 x Veg & 1 x Carb

1 Month

£ 299.99 per month
  • Delivered in temperature controlled packaging
  • 1 x Protein, 1 x Veg & 1 x Carb
  • Pause your subscription

Our Healthy Menu

Sticky Sesame Chicken Thighs


With Vermicelli Noodles & Green Beans.

Kcal:   555   Pro: 51g   Carbs: 49g   Fat: 17.5g

Sriracha Salmon


With Vermicelli Noodels & Seasonal Stir Fry.

Kcal: 460    Pro: 38g    Carbs: 42g    Fat: 11.5g

Fire Cracker Chicken Thighs


With Brown Basmati Rice, Broccoli & Carrots.

Kcal: 573   Pro: 41g     Cabs: 42g     Fat: 24g

Chargrilled Salmon


Bombay Potatoes with Sautéed Spinach & Mushrooms.

Kcal: 440     Pro: 38g     Carbs: 39g     Fat: 9.5g                              

Flame Grilled Cajun Chicken Breast


With Bombay Potatoes, Baked cauliflower & Sprouts.

Kcal: 435    Pro: 54g    Carbs: 41g    Fat: 5g

Black Pepper Tofu


With Jasmine Rice, Broccoli & Carrots.

Kcal: 492     Pro: 26g    Carbs: 49g    Fat: 10.8g

Jerk Chicken Breast


With Sweet Potato Wedges, Baked Cauliflower & Sprouts.

Kcal: 453    Pro: 54g    Carbs: 43g    Fat: 6g

Sesame Seared Tuna


With Sweet Potato Wedges & Green Beans

Kcal: 360 Pro: 42g Carbs: 46g Fat: 2.2g

Teriyaki Chicken Breast


With Brown Rice, Sautéed Spinach & Mushrooms.

Kcal: 451    Pro: 53g    Carbs: 42g     Fat: 6.5g

Korean Beef


With Jasmine Rice & Seasonal Stir Fry

Kcal: 656    Pro: 36g    Carbs: 50g    Fat: 32.4g

Your meals will be delivered in temperature controlled packing, fresh ready for you to eat.


Meals Boxes Delivered


Happy Healthy Subscribers


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